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NeuroXL Predictor - Financial Forecasting Software Using Neural Networks

Neural Networks are ideal for financial prediction tasks such as currency price predictions. Currency prices are influenced by many different variables with are interrelated and behave in a non-linear fashion. NeuroXL Predictor Financial Forecasting Software is a plug-in for Microsoft Excel that can be used to make accurate predictions of currency prices. The problem with traditional methods, such as regression, is that they make assumptions about the distribution of the underlying data, and often fail to recognize the interrelatedness of variables. NeuroXL Predictor, drawing on the latest in artificial intelligence technology, does not make false assumptions and recognizes even slight relationships between factors affecting prices.

About Neural Networks

Neural networks are a well-established technology for solving financial prediction problems. Loosely modeled after the human brain, neural networks are interconnected networks of independent processors, that by changing their connections (known as training), learn the solution to a problem. They are tolerant of imperfect data, and do not require formulas or rules.

NeuroXL Predictor as a tool for Financial Analysts

NeuroXL Predictor has become quite popular with financial analysts, as it has proven its predictive power through comparison with other applications and techniques. When the NeuroXL neural network approach is compared to other statistical techniques, such as regression and linear analysis, the predictive advantage of NeuroXL Predictor becomes clear. Using the application, all the user needs to do is to specify the inputs and outputs and set the required parameters. NeuroXL Predictor does the work of determining the relationship between variables and detecting relevant patterns in the data. Furthermore, since it is an add-in to Microsoft Excel, there is no need to import or export data. NeuroXL Predictor is a powerful and affordable solution for advanced estimation and forecasting. By harnessing the latest advances in artificial intelligence, it delivers accurate and fast predictions. Designed as an add-in to Microsoft Excel, it is easy to learn and use yet powerful enough for the most demanding professional.

More information

For more information on currency predictions and other applications of NeuroXL Predictor, see the NeuroXL white paper . This white paper also contains an example of stock forecasting using the NeuroXL Predictor add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Useful Links

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New versions of NeuroXL Predictor, NeuroXL Clusterizer and NeuroXL Package released: 4.0.6

July 18, 2016


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I can definitely recommend NeuroXL software to any individual or business that would like to take advantage of the power of artificial neural networks in analyzing complex data.

Dr. Jean-Michel Jaquet