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NeuroXL Clusterizer - Invest Wisely With Neural Network cluster analysis

Neural Networks are an ideal tool for clustering stocks based on complex historical data. Stocks are influenced by many factors that are often interrelated. NeuroXL Clusterizer Software is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that can be used to make accurate classifications of stocks based on incomplete, non-linear historical data. Often, it is difficult for analysts to decide when to sell a stock or invest in a new stock due to the large number of conflicting indicators that influence the price. NeuroXL Clusterizer can make decisions easier by clustering stocks as Buy/Sell/Hold based on multiple indicators you select.

Advanced Technology for clustering

Neural networks are a well-established technology for solving financial classification problems that use training and testing data to build a model. The data involves historical data sets containing input variables, or data fields, which correspond to an output. The training data is what the networks use to "learn" how to predict the known output, and the testing data is used for validation. A classification can then be performed using only the input variables – there is no need to develop complex rules.

NeuroXL Clusterizer as a tool for Financial Analysts

NeuroXL Clusterizer and Predictor have become quite popular with financial analysts, having proven their classification powers through comparison with other applications and techniques. Using Clusterizer, all the user needs to do is to specify the inputs and outputs and set the required parameters.

Price advantage

Advanced classification software usually costs hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. NeuroXL Clusterizer is the first and only solution to offer this advanced technology for less than fifty dollars!

More information

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New versions of NeuroXL Predictor, NeuroXL Clusterizer and NeuroXL Package released: 4.0.6

July 18, 2016


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I can definitely recommend NeuroXL software to any individual or business that would like to take advantage of the power of artificial neural networks in analyzing complex data.

Dr. Jean-Michel Jaquet